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Microsoft EDGE Launcher for Visual Studio < 2015 [EN]

Listopad 11, 2015 Dodaj komentarz

Visual Studio 2015 has support for Microsoft EDGE from the very beggining but what if you want to test your site developing previous version?

Andy creates something what is called Microsoft EDGE Launcher. This is simple .exe file which you need to setup in your Visual Studio “Browse with…” dialog.

Look at GITHUB site:


  1. Download latest exe from releases
  2. In Visual Studio open the “Browse With…” dialog (right click on a html file in solution explorer)
  3. Add a new program
  4. In the “Add Program” dialog
    1. Program: <path to MicrosoftEdgeLauncher.exe>
    2. Arguments: <leave empty>
    3. Friendly Name: Edge
  5. Once added you should now see “Microsoft Edge” in the F5 drop down
    1. This will not enable debugging of Script from VS, just launching
  6. Enoy!