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Microsoft Azure Learning Paths [EN]

I want to share this in case you missed it. This is not very new but I have just discovered it today and I think you could find it useful.

The Azure documentation site has a set of 25 learning paths. You can use these learning paths to guide yourself through the documentation for several Azure services.

  1. API Management
  2. App Service Web Apps
  3. Azure Active Directory – Develop Apps
  4. Azure Automation
  5. Azure IoT Hub Learning Path
  6. Batch
  7. Cloud Services
  8. Cortana Analytics Process (CAP)
  9. DocumentDB
  10. Event Hubs
  11. Learn Data Lake Analytics
  12. Learn Data Lake Store
  13. Learn Hadoop on HDInsight (Linux)
  14. Learn Hadoop on HDInsight (Windows)
  15. Learning path for Azure Data Factory
  16. Learning path for StorSimple
  17. Media Services – Live Streaming
  18. Media Services – on Demand Streaming
  19. Service Bus
  20. Service Fabric
  21. Site Recovery
  22. SQL Database – use elastic database features and tools
  23. SQL database training: Learn Azure SQL Database
  24. Stream Analytics Learning Path
  25. Virtual Machines
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